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7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Long Island Gutter Cleaning Service

Cleaning the exterior of your home or business is just as important as cleaning the inside. If you’re like most Long Island property owners, however, it can be hard to keep up with regular housekeeping, which means that outdoor cleaning might not be getting done. Don’t neglect the outside of your property; let the professionals at Clean America, Inc take care of it for you! With years of experience, this expert exterior cleaning company will make sure that the outside of your home sparkles and shines! Find out for yourself why Long Islanders count on Clean America, Inc to handle all of their outdoor cleaning needs!

You probably don’t give them a second thought, but your gutters are a crucial part of your home. They catch runoff water from rain, snow, and ice, and divert it away from your property. If they aren’t functioning properly, you could be looking at serious problems; from roof damage to leaks in the foundation. What’s the leading cause of poorly functioning gutters? Failure to keep them clean!

While it definitely isn’t the most enjoyable property maintenance task, it’s extremely important. By hiring a professional cutter cleaning service, you can avoid this dreaded job and avoid almost certain complications. Here’s a look at seven great reasons why you should schedule a professional Long Island gutter cleaning service.

Prevent Property Damage

If your gutters are overflowing with leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other types of dirt and debris, you’re going to have massive problems on your hands. Components of your roof can suffer extensive damage; the shingles can peel and the fascia can rot, for example. Clogged cutters can even damage the foundation of your home, causing cracks and eventual leaks.

By having your gutters professionally cleaned, you can avoid massive – and costly – home repairs and the headaches that come along with them.

A Better Clean

Sure, you can clean the gutters out on your own; but do you really have the skill to properly clean them? It might not seem like a difficult job, but thoroughly cleaning gutters is actually a pretty complicated task. A professional Long Island gutter cleaning service will have the experience that is needed to clean out your gutters the right way. They’ll also have the right tools and equipment to ensure a thorough job. The cleaner your gutters are, the fewer problems you’ll have.

Avoid Danger

Gutter cleaning is hazardous work. Climbing ladders and crawling across a roof is dangerous enough; add in cleaning supplies and water and an accident is almost bound to happen. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way; let a professional company that has the proper skills and uses the right tools take care of the cleaning for you so that you can avoid mishaps. A reputable Long Island gutter cleaning professional will also be insured, so that in the event an accident does occur, you won’t be held liable for any injuries.

A Complete Inspection

A professional company will do more than just clean out your gutters; they’ll also inspect them. Gutters are exposed to extreme temperatures, strong winds, heavy rains, ice and snow, and all types of dirt and debris. All of these elements can damage your gutter system; and if any of the components are damaged, you could be facing serious trouble down the road.

Reliable Long Island gutter cleaning service providers will assess the gutters, the downspouts, and all other integral components. They’ll check for any problems, like loose sections and cracks; if any issues are spotted, they’ll let you know so that you can have the necessary repairs made and avoid serious trouble.


Who wants to spend the weekend climbing up and down a ladder, wrestling with hoses and cleaning supplies, and pulling muck out of gutters? That probably doesn’t sound like a lot of fun; does it?

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Long Island gutter cleaning professional is the convenience that they’ll provide. This service will save you time so you can do something more enjoyable on your weekend; plus, you’ll be able to avoid a major mess, which is definitely a big plus!

Avoid Infestations

Unless you want to deal with infestations of rodents or insects, you should seriously consider using a gutter cleaning service. Squirrels, mice, and other vermin – such as wood-boring pests like termites – like to take up residence in the debris that collects in gutters. By having a professional cleaning, you can avoid infestations, protecting your property and anyone inside.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Lastly, a major reason to consider having your gutters cleaned by a professional is the boost it will give your curb appeal. Gutters that are overflowing with twigs, leaves, and pine needles do little for aesthetics. A professional will do a superior job, ensuring that your gutters are as clean as possible, which can do wonders for your property’s curb appeal.

Simplify Gutter Cleaning with Clean America, Inc

If you want to avoid all of the pitfalls that are associated with cleaning your gutters on your own and take advantage of the benefits of professional Long Island gutter cleaning services, contact Clean America, Inc. With years of experience and dozens of satisfied clients, this professional exterior cleaning company will make sure your gutters are not only clean, but that they are functioning properly.

To learn more about their gutter cleaning services – or any other the other exterior cleaning services they offer, including soft washing, pressure washing, power washing, window cleaning, and paver and deck cleaning – call 631.921.9514 or visit CleanAmericaInc.net. Avoid major headaches with professional Long Island gutter cleaning.